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Enabling success utilizing actionable insights by embedding processes across client operations to improve acquisitions, strategy, and systems.
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Experienced Consulting Services

We disseminate brand messages to niche audiences by implementing measurable strategies and digital marketing services geared at improving businesses bottom line.

We have a proven skill for optimizing the sum of all business parts, not just small portions. Our Creative Agency Services is driven by our passion for telling compelling stories to target audiences.

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We Build Rewarding Relationships Between Brands, Products, and Consumers.

Responsive Web Design

Establishing a primary median of communication with potential customers, our website design solutions help you increase your brand recognition, website traffic, and methods of finding new leads.

Mobile App Development

Helping entrepreneurs launch their next big idea, our creative agency provides solutions to company’s looking to disrupt market segments with problem solving iOS and Android mobile apps.

Inbound Content Marketing

Gone are the days where beautiful design and keyword stuffing is enough to drive customers to your products and services. We curate unique content for niche industries to compliment your brand message.

Social Media Marketing

Connecting forward-thinking brands with targeted consumer audiences, our social media solutions help company’s remain in communication with their customers through popular social medians that influence sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Measurable seo, sem, and ppc solutions that drive targeted organic and paid traffic to your campaign, we work closely to understand your industry trends to identify opportunities which can grow your business.

Visual Production

Capturing the attention of targeted customers through photography and video, our ability to convey through visual story-telling enables our clients to connect with audiences endless ways including product placement.

Digital Marketing

We research proven techniques within your industry and explore new possibilities to assess the effectiveness of digital and print campaigns, website optimization, mobile app possibilities, and unique social media campaigns to deliver results.


We utilize and conduct market research within your industry to deliver instant results and predict future trends to keep you one step ahead of your competition.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our firm provides a wide range of financial accounting services that help business owners simplify their bookkeeping challenges including company payroll, sales tax, budgeting, and forecasting.

Asset and Property Management

Employing a dedicated accounting and real estate team focused in commercial, industrial, and retail asset management, our firm helps sustain and increase the value of the asset under management.

Business Development

Accelerating business growth by developing, implementing, and managing our clients operational functions so they may focus on decision-making, our team focuses on creating long-term value.

Competitor Market Research

Delivering actionable competitive intelligence by comprehensively monitoring industries across all medians, our strong analyst team helps clients execute strategic business decisions through accurate competitor data.

Customer Acquisitions

Partner with our firm to gain the ability of using consumer behavior trends to prospect, engage, and acquire new customers for your business products and services to increase the amount of leads and conversions.

Emerging Markets Capitalization

Predicting risk and opportunities across five continents, we forecast market trends for clients looking to identify potential disruptions in economic, technological, and natural resources.

Business Strategy

Implementing forward-thinking Business Strategy Services to global brands, our business strategy solutions leverages competitor market research to organize, optimize, and implement practices that aid business compete in evolving climates.


For the past decade, our team has helped clients understand and articulate opportunities to employees so long-term strategies may resonate throughout the company’s veins.

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Acquisitions and Mergers

Our firm helps clients increase their odds of successful purchases through proven acquisition approaches that bridge research, strategy, diligence, and models that predict target outcomes.

Contract Procurement

Simplify the challenges of securing contracts by working with our team of experienced consultants who understand how to navigate private and public sector contract procurement.

Advocacy and Grassroots

Influencing clients target audience understanding of socioeconomic issues, we represent organizations whom wish to better articulate and connect with cross-generational activist through support.

Media & Public Relations

Our communications team leverages our full-service in-house capabilities to thrust our clients into the limelight through earned media advertising, digital syndication, social media, event management, and brand influence endorsements.

Project Management

Helping organizations improve business performance and delivery of projects, our PM Solutions streamline with your processes to plan, manage, and optimize sensitive projects facing budget constraints.

Crisis Management

Prevention, monitoring, and real-time response make are the primary crisis management services and solutions we employ 24/7 to counter events that threaten an organizations reputation.

Strategic Consulting

Bear Atlantic Group provide consulting solutions which increases business operational capacity and efficiency through proven pragmatic approaches that directly enable performance, profitability, and operational excellence.


Our strategic consultants bring industry insights from all sectors to help clients make business decisions that allow them to understand the risk and implications of every decision.

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Data Driven Business Solutions

Grow your business quicker by partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency that has the capability of helping your research, plan, management, and implement optimized digital marketing campaigns to reach your target audience online.

Bear Atlantic gives our clients the ability to tailor fit the custom marketing solutions that we deliver with add-ons such as videography, email campaigns, social media marketing, and competitor market research. Speak with an digital marketing consultant today to learn more about your options.

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