Industry Expertise

Social and Public Sector

Bear Atlantic provides branding, digital marketing, and other services within the public and social sectors. We help companies ranging from start-ups to enterprises compete and win within their respective industries. We offer many a wide range of services in order to effectively produce and maintain clients’ needs and goals.

Social sectors step in where governments and markets fail in supporting under-served communities. Bear Atlantic’s work within the public, private and social sectors enable the clients to transform communities within the U.S. and around the world. Our goal is to help tackle businesses attack social issues by using our expertise in digital marketing and consulting to drive their business forward.

We work with many different sectors including, but not limited to, economic development, higher education, public and private sectors, and government. Our goal is to advance strategies and improve operations within these sectors in order to impact our communities in the best way possible. Schedule a free consultation today.



What Should The United States Do With Terrorism Suspect?

Almost 20 years have passed since suicide bombers blew a hole into the USS Cole, killing 17 sailors in a brazen prelude to the September 11th attacks that came a year later. Yet the U.S. still hasn’t fully settled the question of how to bring terrorism suspects to justice—and the…

Ways to Keep Your Team Invigorated In 2020

Since it’s the start of a new year, there’s no better time then to think of ways to keep you and your team supercharged throughout the year. That may not be on the top of your to-do-list. But, doing so will boost efficiency, productivity, and morale. And, along the way,…

Bear Atlantic Group Establishes Global Alliance Partnership Ecosystem

Bear Atlantic Group establishes Global Alliance Partnership Ecosystem to expand the international consulting service offerings to businesses, government entities, and individuals worldwide. As a full-service management consulting firm, Bear Atlantic Group has helped early to late-stage organizations structure and implement critical operational priorities to improve acquisitions, a business strategy, and…
United States Government Expand It’s Ukraine & Russia-Related Sanctions
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