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Bear Atlantic Group

We help innovate forward-thinking organizations scale into enterprises that outpace their competitors, create market disruption, adapt to the unpredictable, and rise to the opportunity.


To seek out people and clients who challenge themselves to be greater than the norm in a globally connected world. We’re guided by the North Star (Polaris) to illuminate inefficiencies, implement scalable strategies, and consult across boundless industries. Bear Atlantic Group continually defines bold ambitions with clients, then works together as one cohesive team to create high levels of value that set new industry standards.


We opened our doors on the simple principle that clients should get results – not just reports – from their consultants. Our leadership chartered new stars by developing customized industry-specific strategies focused on market disruption to outpace client competitors. We continue to work with people who want to shape the future.

Meet The Team

Empowering organizations to Reach Their Full Potential with Expert Solutions and Support.

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Managing Partner

Kaven Jean-Charles

Kaven serves as the Managing Partner of Bear Atlantic Group, a globally recognized management consulting firm specializing in research, data-driven strategy implementation, and compliance audits. He also holds the position of Executive Director at the Manifezt Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on promoting STEM education and workforce placement in South Florida. Over the past six years, Kaven has led the organization’s research initiatives to address socio-economic barriers and disparities in education.

With over a decade of experience in the field, Kaven has provided technical advisory services to early-stage companies in the financial sector and public agencies in areas such as research, auditing, and compliance. He has supported the distribution of COVID-19 relief funding to small and medium-sized enterprises and is currently working on a multi-million-dollar public works project that demands expertise in financial modeling, economic impact study, air/land survey, and phased development planning.

Kaven boasts a strong background in both public and private sector infrastructure. He has also led the strategy for a leading Fortune 500 financial institution, including assessments of digital infrastructure, redesign of back-end systems, and implementation of data/identity verification processes.

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Ryan Hill


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Director - Advisory & Consulting

Kara Cohen


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Director - Real Estate

Justin Klein


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Director - Venture Capital

Peter Reynolds


Partnership Opportunities

Jointly seek and pursue opportunities, leverage our consulting capabilities, and deliver results through streamlined processes that create long-term value for customers.

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